How to paint an owl in a tree

1. draw a sketch of an owl in a tree


2. Get your paints out — I would suggest brown, white, grey or black for the owl and the tree.¬†All the other colours don’t fit in.

3. First, draw an outline in pencil

4. Then paint like mad! Here I am painting the leaves on the branch:


5. You can paint whatever you want, but my owl is a night owl and so I painted the sky dark indigo midnight (I mixed blue and brown and black together to make the night sky)

6. Now stand back and look at the finished painting:


A close-up:



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Castle art


I made this castle using a recycled plastic plant pot.

I used:

-plastic plant pot


-fake flowers




-drinking straws


-something round for doorknob (I used a fake pearl, but you can anything, like a small bead)


1. Take the plant pot and turn it upside down. This was a good one because it already looked a bit like a castle–it has bumps on top!

2. Next, I cut out cardboard towers and glued them to my plant pot.

3. To make the banner, I took two straws and glued them to the cardboard towers. I taped a sparkly ribbon to the straws.

4. I took tape and used it to make windows.

5. I put 3 flowers on – one on the top, 2 on the castle towers

6. I made a door with orange paper, and a doorknob with a fake pearl. You can use anything you want to make the doorknob.

If it is too hard to glue them, try taping them.


How hard is it? I give this a difficulty level of 5 Art Splotches (out of 5)

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Making Easter Eggs The Old Fashioned Way (sort of!)


To make these old-fashioned Easter eggs (I call them sort-of old-fashioned because egg dye & electric drills aren’t really old-fashioned), you need:

1. eggs

2. paint, markers or egg dye

3. drill or needle (to make holes in egg)

4. paint brushes for detail

5. lard/butter for polishing egg

6. soft cloth or kleenex for polishing

Art Splotch difficulty rating: 5 art splotches (my mommy says you need an adult to help with this one)

To start, ask an adult to drill a hole in each end of the egg. You can also use a pin to make holes.


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Pablo Picasso?

Pablo Picasso is following my blog!!

I thought he was dead.

Sarah's picasso

My sketch of Picasso’s “Seated Woman” (she has big boobies)


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My scary green spider


I made this for my neighbour Kim who loves green and spiders.

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The Anything Craft

I call this the “anything craft” because you can use any kind of bottle, put any thing inside it, and decorate it any way you want. (Just don’t put your decorations in the middle of the bottle or you won’t be able to see what’s inside.)


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